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EU-DEM v1.1


Soils and Landuse

[European Soil Data Centre (ESDAC)(https://esdac.jrc.ec.europa.eu)] Topsoil dataset from 2015



ECAD E-OBS Daily Gridded Climate Data contains daily values for precipitation, tmax, and tmin on a 0.1 degree grid (11.1 km) from 1950 to present.

Monthly normals were computed from this series and the “E-OBS Modified” climate method takes the monthly precipitation, temperature maximums, and temperature minimums from the ECAD E-OBS database and replaces the values within the par file for the selected station. To accurately generate precipitation the number of wet days for each month are modified from the par file with between 50% and 200% of original value and between 0.1 days and the number of days in the month. Once the par file has been modified CLIGEN is used to generate stochastic daily climate files.